defrost -20defrost -20Andrew, John, Emily, Dippy
Quiagen kitscondense and asses what kits/reagents are neededDippy
Restriction EnzymesAlphabetize and asess what is neededEmily S.
NanodropCalibrate/order DNA standard/order new calibration solutionMaura
4 degree fridgeOrganize your shelf/ throw out old plates etc. / Make sure your shelf is labeledEverybody
-80Organize/take out extra snowMaura
labelsassess chemicals for labelsMaura+Sarah
Frog Carcassestake to freezerSaurabh
reagent bottlesSort your glass bottles with reagents/ empty and put in sinkEverybody
Robot in situCollect baskets and trays from everyone and organize in drawerMaura
Plasmid DatabaseEnter any new plasmids you have in computer database AND the physical databaseEveryone
SolutionsCheck the stock chemicals you are responsible for and make more if necessaryEveryone
Chemical BenchInventory chemical shelves/Assess chemicals needed and update listEngin or Andrew?
4 degree common spaceOrganize and make more room for platesMaura+Sarah